As a CD/writer/director in MTV's On Air-Promos department, I created 100's of promos, PSAs, spots and campaigns. I helped lead the launch of shows like TRL, The Osbournes and Laguna Beach, and created multiple award-winning brand campaigns for the network in its creative heyday. Here are some favorites I wrote and directed.

Not Suitable For Use By Adults

I wrote and directed this brand campaign that showed the perils of adults trying to be down with MTV.  

Old Wives Tales

This campaign was a valiant attempt to put the "MTV doesn't play music" cliche in the dustbin of other old wives tales that we no longer believe.

The Osbournes

Launched the first of its kind reality show with an homage to All in The Family's  most iconic duet in TV sitcom history.


MTV proudly admits blame it cultural role in some unfortunate youth styles and trends.